Jorge Pedret

Designer & Front-end Engineer
Vancouver, Canada


June 15th, 2013

Well, it’s been long overdue a re-design for my home in the Internet. My last site was powered by WordPress, but since then I’ve grown a lot as a developer. I’ve learned to appreciate the power of simplicity and static assets. Besides, my WordPress site was slow as shit!

This is not a rant against WordPress, I’m just explaining why it’s not a good solution for me anymore. There are other solutions out there.

As an ex-WordPress developer, I know a lot of people in the community and I’m still friend with a bunch of them. We always get into the "to WordPress or not to WordPress" argument. These were my biggest pains when dealing with my WordPress site:

Getting hacked way too often

My website kept getting hacked over and over again. There was always something up. I hated getting emails from clients and friends telling me Why is your site offereing me Viagra?.

Without any warnings, my website would get suspended (that includes my site and ALL of my clients’ sites) by HostMonster because I was "distributing" malware from my WordPress websites.

There are certain security things that you can do about it, but I’m not a security expert and I don’t need to be to run a basic website.

Painful migration between servers

One of the times that HostMonster suspended my account, I got so pissed that I got a Linode account and started moving everything there.

Copying the files is the easy part. Managing the database backups and making sure everything connects properly on a different server, that’s a pain in the butt.

Updating is scary

No matter how easy WordPress is to update, I always had to backup my files and database before updating. I didn’t want to risk spending a whole afternoon figuring out what went wrong.

To be fair, I only had a problem with updating WordPress once or twice.

Fu**ing spams comments

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Sound familiar? I’ve been using disqus for my comments and haven’t had a problem with it yet.

Turtle speed

WordPress is know for its slowness. You have to install a bunch of shit to make it go faster and even then it was slow.

All I needed was a simple site with a home page to list my articles and a contact form. And this is what 99% of the WordPress sites out there are. There’s a lot of overhead for this simple requirement.

Versioning is nearly impossible

Putting your files in Github isn’t enough, as you’ll always depend on the data that’s in your database. This is a big turn off for me.

I guess you could do a dump of your DB, but would you really do that every time you make a change in your files and in your data?