Jorge Pedret

Freelance inventor, designer, illustrator & coder based in Vancouver, Canada. I’m passionate for everything that I do and for creating a better place for everyone and for future generations.

Special Powers

For over 15 years I’ve been embracing the web as a platform for personal, business and social transformation.

  • I design and code websites from idea to conception to maintenance using Photoshop, WordPress, Node.js, CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • I create digital or hand drawn illustrations for products and services
  • I organize and speak at tech events in Vancouver, Canada
  • I write and design documentation for open source projects and products
  • I organize and run usability research studies


  • Formation and organization of a local meetup group, reaching over 100 local developers and designers assisting the events
  • Personal tutoring and public speaking at local tech events like CSS Brigade and HTML5 Vancouver
  • Creation and collaboration on multiple, community and personal, open source projects
  • Created and maintained great relationships with co-workers, clients and contractors

Lets work together

  • Artists, charities & non-profit organizations are welcome
  • Preferably 1 to 2 week projects with quick turn around
  • Projects not aiming for perfection but for high impact
  • Clear & up front communication from both ends
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Currently accepting contracts

Jorge, you have really helped us over the past few years be passionate about clean HTML, Wordpress integrations and company involvement.

Darrell Keezer, Candybox Marketing

It’s been wonderful having you in our space these last weeks. Your laugh energizes the creativity in our team alone, yeah your designs are ok too ;)

Kalvir Sandhu, Brewhouse