Business Oracle

I am the water that cleans and refreshes your eyes
I am the earth where your feet grow roots
I am the fire that shines where there are unknowns
I am the wind that fans brighter your inner fire

Ancient Lost Traditions

Since ancient times, oracles and seers have provided guidance to leaders, organizations and nations. The emotional world is a reality for everyone in this planet, yet it’s discarded by many as unimportant or impractical.

Our experience has shown us that the opposite is true. It’s common knowledge that marketing techniques, political speeches and product design are largely based on thecniques that have an effect on our emotions. We communicate through emotions.

Emotions are a language that many people understand. Governments, community leaders and big corporations are already using it, with good or bad intentions.

Want it or not, you, your business and your creations are bound to play by the rules of the emotional world. This is where I can help you…

To your service…

I don’t claim to have any special knowledge about business or about what you do, I’m here to help you see what’s not easy to see. Then use your own knowledge to create practical, short or long term, strategies.


I can help you get a fresh perspective of what you do. Anything that we do for too long or too close, makes our eyes tired. I can alleviate them by giving you a in-dept outsider’s perspective of what it looks like to me and what it may looks like to others.

This fresher perspective tends to bring new energy that you will use to continue executing your plans taking in consideration your new perspective.

Water is also an element for looking at the things from the past that have been holding you or your business down, like restrictive conditions, negative relationships or burdening responsibilities.


You need a good soil to grow healthy and strong. In many cases, everything that you’re doing is in the right place, but the environment is not the right one.

— Everything seems to be in place, but things are growing too slow or not growing at all!

I can help you assess your soil by looking at your customers, your eployees and your environment. This will give you a practical idea of the external components that need to change in order to grow.


The path to success tends to blur as your focus is on the daily grind of making your product work. The focus seems to switch from “I’m doing what I love” to “We need to get this feature out the door in two days”.

I use the element of fire to go into those dark passages, that were once bright and clear, and remind you of the vision that you once had. As we go along we’ll create a written roadmap to avoid getting lost in the future.


Sometimes we have the right fire place and wood, and all is needed is a little wind for our fire to burn brighter and stronger.

I help you identify the currents of wind that you can use to make your product burn bigger, brighter and more noticeable from far. The wind is the element that carries new ideas and helps us see into the future of your business.


An ideal session would involve gathering the decision makers, going to a safe place for a couple of days, ideally during the weekend, and getting drunk together with a pen and a paper. No agenda. No expectations. If we’re not enjoying it, we’re doing something wrong.

This is an experience that, by the end of it, you should feel revitalized, ready to get back to work on your beloved idea, excited about yourself, about what you’re doing and about life.

I use a variety of techniques that have been revealed throughout my life through teachers, books and while being in nature, with the earth, the animals, the plants, the moon and the sun. My approach comes from an intuitive place and not from what we label as the rational mind.

I tend to stay away from cities, large crowds of people and daily rutines, which resets my experience to a much more sensible to energy and emotions. This makes it possible to get in touch with a lot of aspects of existence that surround us at all times that are otherwise ignored.

Every person that I work with is special to me. If we work together, it’s because we see something special in each other and we believe that we can help each other.


No monetary compensation.

All I ask from you is to take care of transportation, accomodation and food for the days when we’ll be working together. The simplest and cheapest the better.

Why do you do all this for no compensation?— You ask.

There’s something that gets lost when there’s a monetary transaction between these types of services, a sort of expectation that —you give me money and I give you something of equal value in return.

This is not a business transaction. I help you gain a new renergizing perspective, you help me do what I love doing.

I act as a channel of the forces of life, this power doesn’t come from me, it’s not something I control. Taking money for it would be disrespecting that power. Which leads to my next point…

I don’t promise any results

The truth is that I can’t promise any results from this service. I do what I do because it’s what comes naturally and intuitively to me. I’ve been doing it most of my life with and without knowing it. Now that I know it, I use it with intention to benefit the ideas and the people that I believe can make this place a better world.

Plus it’s usually loads of fun for me and for the people that I work with. We tend to leave with a big smile and renewed energy.

Right fit

I work exclusively with people, organizations and businesses that want, and believe, that they can reach their full potential. They are willing to put in a solid effort towards reaching their short and long term goals.

Artists, charities and non-profit organizations are most welcome and ecouraged to contact me.

I’ve helped all kinds of businesses and individuals. The likeability of us working together depends more on you than on your business idea. If you’re curious about my work then you should get in touch with me.


Let’s exchange a few emails and see where things go. I’d love hearing from you if you’re curious about what I do and have any questions.

I enjoy hearing new ideas, the challenges you’re facing to reach your goals and brainstorming ways to overcome these challenges.

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